Boehner Refuses to Go Head to Head with Weiner

Boehner and Weiner in happier times.

Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has been curiously quiet about the growing Anthony Weiner scandal. When contacted by the press he only made a short statement and refused any further questions.

“I mean use your head guys…with my name and all the “boner” jokes already out there, you seriously expect me to jump into this Weiner issue?” said a clearly exasperated Boehner. “It’s a media circus, and the comedians already have plenty of material, so we’ll let Cantor handle this Weiner thing.”

When asked by a reporter if the House Speaker would categorize current public opinion as “The Republican’s Boehner is surging while the Democrat’s Weiner is stuck in a bad place,” the press conference was abruptly ended.