Missile diplomacy riles Ruskies

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Vladimir Putin issued a tersely worded press statement today

Today the Russians responded to the U.S. attack on a Syrian airfield by 59 Tomahawk Missiles fired from two destroyers in the Mediterranean.  The Russians were not pleased by the attack on their ally Bashar al-Assad’s forces and embarrassed by having several dozen missiles buzzing unmolested past their front-line missile defense system.  The level of agitation is reflected in yesterday’s early morning exchange of tweets between Putin and Trump:





City uses federal anti-immigrant funds for major wall projects


Caldwell: If Trump wants walls, we’ll give him walls.

You may have noticed the city’s first major wall project sprout up at Thomas Square.

Major Caldwell announced today that Honolulu has accepted millions of dollars in federal funding earmarked for erecting immigrant barrier walls.

Trump administration officials praised Mayor Caldwell and Honolulu for being among the first major municipalities to sign the “We Ain’t No Stinkin Sanctuary” pledge and receive the federal funds.

According to Mayor Caldwell, the Trump administration made the funding available based on the city’s report that many of the homeless currently invading Honolulu’s city parks appear to be Mexicans or Muslims.

The Mayor conceded, “We fudged the ‘Mexican’ thing a little bit in order to get the feds to bite, but there’s a heck of a lot of money up for grabs.”


Honolulu will continue to construct walls, like this one at Thomas Square, as long as federal funds hold out.

“We needed the money to help combat homelessness,” said Caldwell. “Since the bums head straight for the parks, we thought building a wall would slow them down and get them to move elsewhere.”

After numerous failed attempts to curb the homeless in urban Honolulu, the Mayor’s team though the walls might finally provide the answer. Since the Thomas Square wall went up reports of homeless (or anyone else) in the park have dropped dramatically.

The city said walls around Ala Moana Beach Park should completed by the end of March.

A Hawaii Tradition in Your Mailbox Soon!

Every election season, like Christmas coming early, Hawaii looks forward to their Compare and Decide direct mail piece. Then they can responsibly discuss each candidate’s background and qualifications before voting. We all know to check who paid for the mailer and fully understand that the mailer will tend to favor the campaign that paid for it. That’s just a fact of modern elective politics; like the screeching bias of our local media for whatever establishment candidate they are in the tank for. Expect them to once again brand any advertising opposing their endorsed flunky to be negative, underhanded and deceptive.

This is how Hawaii has been duped into voting for the least qualified candidate year after year. But, this year, no matter who Hawaii’s voters choose, it will be guaranteed to be a horrible choice that will be disavowed by everyone in a few months (another Hawaii tradition).

Check you mailbox for the latest edition of Compare and Decide.

Check you mailbox for the latest edition of Compare and Decide.