Who’s Occupying Whom?

Public protest or theater of the absurd?

I’ve been watching the Occupy Wall Street movement with mixed emotions.

As an aging hippie, one-time anarchist and perpetual revolutionary, it looks like fun.

But, as a cynical professional political operative, I automatically look for who would benefit from this “spontaneous” public demonstration. Clearly, the promotion of class warfare and demonization of capitalism and the rich (the 1%) would point to the far left. It would greatly buoy President Obama at this time, as he is trying to raise taxes on the rich, that there be a popular uprising that sympathizes with him and, in effect, harnesses this street rage for his purposes. Did he, or his ally George Soros, create this “movement?” Soros denies any involvement in spite of preliminary connections to public relations contractors who are clearly fanning the coals. No proof yet, but it has a “Move On” M.O.

I’ve listened to various interviews from the participants themselves. There are lot’s of people talking, but no clear indication of any unified message other than vague anger at the status quo. And, God knows there’s plenty of that to harvest. In other words most of the “occupiers” don’t really know why they are there. Again, there is the nagging suspicion that there is massive manipulation going on and the culprits are yet to be revealed.

When it comes to national politics, hypocrisy is the norm. The Wall Street bankers who are currently being vilified are, in fact, now the policy wonks within the government. They have essentially been “punished” for their bad behavior by being put in charge. At a time when the Obama administration is being grilled for their scandalous use of tax dollars to pad their allies at Solyndra, can this spontaneous populist uprising simply be a cynical diversion? What better solution to be the beneficiary of a “workers revolution” to overthrow the tyranny of greed and corruption that you are also responsible for. There is an obscene brilliance and dare we say…audacity at play.

After all we have an election coming up, and the President needs a boost to his sagging numbers.

There is also dark symmetry. Attorney General William Holder announced the foiling of a major terrorist plot just in time to take the heat off his incompetent, and clearly dishonest performance concerning the “Fast and Furious” debacle. Are we just being overtly played?

Whenever I think of socialist’s in control, I recall Orwell’s Animal Farm and the upright-walking pigs, who looked to all the world like the detested humans (the 1%) who were overthrown. As you recall, aside from the snappy slogans, the rest of the animals still got screwed.

I guess my real question is…and, I don’t really want to know the answer to this…not really…is…are people that stupid?