City Introduces New Micro-Dump Program

Convenient new "Micro-Dumps" are popping up all over Oahu thanks to Mayor Carlise's new program.

Mayor Carlisle’s Political Officer and media spokesperson today released information on the new cost-saving strategy of locating “Micro-Dumps” throughout the city.  “Not only do we increase the diversion rate from the landfill, but we save on the cost associated with the pick-up and transport of bulky items and other rubbish,” stated the report.  “We think the convenience of the many locations around the Island (approximately 2,342) will put almost every citizen mere steps away from their nearest disposal area,” it continued.

Some contend that this new system is also more equitable because instead of one community bearing the impact of all the rubbish, it stays right in the neighborhood in which it originated.  Others see the growing piles of junk as an eyesore and hazard, but are willing to give the new program a chance.  The Mayor’s new program also solves the problem of schedule misunderstandings and the threat of large fines for noncompliance, because the city basically doesn’t come at all.

The landfill has been closed since January 12th and the pilot project is scheduled to continue indefinitely.