Abercrombie Shoots Himself in the Foot with Kosher Ammo.

In his appropriately  named 2004 article in WorldNetDaily, “Send in the Clowns,” Aaron Klein states:

“Israeli-made bullets recently purchased by the U.S. Army should be used for training only, not to fight Muslim guerrillas in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. lawmakers told Army generals.’

“By no means, under any circumstances, should a round [from Israel] be utilized,” said Rep. Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii the top Democrat on the house of Representative Armed Services sub-committee with jurisdiction over land forces.”

IDF Col. Moshe Lesheme told WND (WorldNetDaily),  “Israeli firms have created an enormous amount of military technology that enhanced the American military. And now suddenly our bullets are illegitamate?”

Only in the befuddled, PC mind of Neil Abercrombie who was apparently worried that hard-working Jihadis would be denied their 72 virgin pay off if clipped by a jewish slug.

We can see the following tragic scene playing out somewhere in Kandahar:

“Sarge, that was my last clip of Yugoslavian Christian Ammo!  All I got left is the Israeli stuff!”

“You know it’s politically incorrect to use that! We’ll have to run for it!”

Both men together, “Damn you Neil Abercrombie!.”

U.S. Congress Voted 418 to 1 for Cutting Aid to Terrorists

So, who was the sole lunatic?  Hawaii own Neil Abercrombie! When the bill came up, in 2006, calling for the United States to halt aid to a Palestinian government controlled by people (Hamas) who openly call for Israel’s destruction (SR 79) – only Neil Abercrombie sided with the terrorists.  He was also one of only 8 to vote against condemming rocket attacks against Israel, holding terrorists responsible and supporting Israel’s right to defend itself  (H Res. 921).

Abercrombie has consistently voted against Israeli security, even if he's the only one.