A Coincidence? We Think Not.

Neil’s early years pretty much paralleled famous underground comic hero Phineas Freak.

Editor’s note: The above photo of Neil shows him in his semi deceptive “hair pulled back into a ponytail” mode that he used during election activity. We offer the following as a reminder of Neil in full bloom:

The Incrdible [sic] Story of Neil Abercrombie

This was the first of Neil’s never ending quests for political office. Is that nutty poli-sci graduate assistant really running for the U.S. Senate?  The question was asked across the U.H. Campus back in 1970. As this pot-fueled manifesto is testament to, the answer was yes. Neil, of course, was not taken seriously and garnered only a few hundred votes, mostly from the ranks of hippie anti-war protestors and other assorted university moonbats.  Neil finally got elected to the Hawaii State Legislature a few years later and has not held an honest job since. (click on the images to enlarge – get as close as you dare.)