Hillary’s celebrity supporters fleeing the country

Making good on their promise to leave the country if Donald Trump were to be elected President of the United States many of Hillary Clintons celebrity endorsers have either been caught at the border, or have disappeared altogether.


Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg were found hiding in a container of frozen cod headed for Montreal, Canada and charged with immigration violations.

Many cite Trump’s crudeness and demeaning of women

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-11-34-19-amSnoop Dog, already out of the country shooting new video Doggy Style 5 – Pre-Teens Gone Wild, said that Trump’s treatment of women offended him.

“That orange freak is disrespectful to his bitches,” said an outraged Snoop Dog. “We don’t be grabbing no pussy less we pays fo it.”

Mr. Dog said he would continue with his new film career in Mexico with funding from the Clinton Foundation rather than return to the U.S. under Trump.

J Lo’s butt recently spoke at a Hillary rally and said it was offended by Trump’s exploitation of women.

J Lo’s butt recently spoke at a Hillary rally and criticized some of Trump’s remarks as disrespectful of women’s dignity. She will be moving to Guatemala in December.

Katy Perry said Trump is a bad role model for young children.

Katy Perry said Trump is a bad role model for young children, and so she is moving to France.

Miley Cyrus has not been seen since issuing a terse critic of Trump’s “unhealthy sexual fixations."

Miley Cyrus has not been seen since issuing a terse critique of Trump’s “unhealthy sexual fixations.”

A Glimpse of Life in Hillary’s America

ministryoftruthIn desperation, America turns to Hillary Clinton as their last best chance…they are mercilessly screwed.


Hillary urges American citizens to accept the New World Order and let Syrians live in their garage. True happiness promised to all through compliance and loyalty to the government.

The government will now supply all the needs of our citizens, and you don’t “need” much.

1984bEvil propagandist James Carville looks even more like Smeagol, however, Gollum has definitely taken over again. Urges people to remain vigilante and turn in “backsliders,” “malcontents” and “shirkers” for political re-education




1984cGeorge Soros spends millions to reinvigorate urban communities by urging blacks to “kill whitey” and “loot liquor from your nearest Seven Eleven.” Don’t trust any uniformed police officers except the new Federal U.S. Post Office swat teams and Bangladeshi U.N. Troops.

Clinton hires Mao’s old graphic designer. Poster defacement is punishable by 10 years in a FEMA camp.


The talking heads of political correctness urge all Caucasian Americans to wallow in collective guilt and disarm. Mandatory sex-change operations for toxic masculinity syndrome passes Democrat controlled Congress.

Declared an enemy of the State, Trump is hanged on live television during the national burning of the old constitution ceremony.



Hitler’s personal physician spotted at Hillary’s latest health crisis



What many people believe to be Dr. Theodor Morell, Hilter’s personal physician shown to be on the scene at Hillary’s latest health crisis.

A man standing in the video of Hillary’s latest health meltdown has been positively identified by sophisticated facial recognition software as Theodor Morell, the ex-Nazi personal physician of Adolf Hitler. The mystery is further exacerbated by the fact that Dr. Morell supposedly died in 1948.

MSNBC reported that Clinton was “fatigued” and “stumbled” when departing the 9/11 event, but the video clearly shows Clinton writhing on the ground with her eyes rolled back in her head, and foaming at the mouth. She was twitching so violently that three Secret Service men had to sit on her so she would not bounce out into traffic.

At the scene, the man identified by Hillary’s entourage as Dr. Ted Murrel, a close friend of the Clintons, seemed to take charge. Witnesses said they heard the man yelling instructions in a thick German accent to the Secret Service detail, whom he addressed simply as the SS:

“Get zee old cow back to meine laboratory, Dummkopf! Schnell! She veel need zee injection.”


Photos showing Mrs Clinton before and immediately after “vitamin” injections by Dr. Murrel.

Later Clinton emerged from what was allegedly her daughter Chelsea’s apartment looking refreshed and chatted with reporters (the address was later traced to The Murrel Institute for Human Reanimation and Cryogenics). Dr. Murrel was asked about any medical treatment given to the candidate and whether he could provide more information on her condition. After attempting to wave off questions, Dr. Murrel relented and described Mrs. Clinton as being in remarkably good health and capable of climbing Mt. Everest if required. He said that she was simply overcome by the smell of the proletariat crowd and just needed some air and an injection of her special vitamin supplement. When pressed for what her medication actually contained, Dr. Murrel mumbled something about LSD, cocaine, Draino, meth, Crazy Glue and 151 Rum before he was whisked away by the security detail.

Dr. Murrel was introduced to the Clintons by George Soros in 1987. Wikileaks has disclosed that Dr. Murrel (or as early records show Morell) has been Mr. Soros’s personal physician since 1910. Records recently leaked information also indicate that Soros has apparently died four times since his birth in 1847.

Dr. Murrel was introduced to the Clintons by George Soros (shown above) in 1987. Wikileaks has disclosed that Dr. Murrel (or as early records show Morell) has also been Mr. Soros’s personal physician since 1910. Other recently leaked information indicates that Soros has apparently died four times since his birth in 1847.

Hillary attempts Jedi Mind Trick on entire U.S.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.12.28 AM

This is her actual quote from yesterday,  November 19, 2015

This is her actual quote from yesterday, November 19, 2015…and proof that 2,029 Muslims support her campaign.


Fun facts that a former U.S. Secretary of State should know

  • 51% of Pakistanis grieve the death of Osama Bin Laden
  • 62% of British Muslims do not believe in the protection of free speech
  • 18% of British Muslims would be proud or indifferent if a family member joined al­ Qaeda
  • 61% of Egyptians approve attacks on Americans
  • 24% of Muslim­Americans say that violence is justified against those who “offend Islam.”
  • 25% of Muslims in UK think terrorist suicide bombing is justified
  • American Muslims who identify strongly with their religion are 3 times more likely to believe suicide bombing is justified
  • 18% of Muslim students in Britain would not report a fellow Muslim planning as terrorist attack.
  • 45% of British Muslims agree that clerics preaching violence against the west represents “mainstream Islam.”
  • 25% of Muslim­Americans say that violence against Americans in the United States is justified as part of global Jihad.
  • 38.6 of Muslims believe 9/11 (attack on World Trade Center) was justified
  • 49% of Muslim­Americans say they are “Muslim first,” American second.



Socialist Media


As U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton blew off communications protocol and security, opting to use her personal e-mail and social media for official business. Now under congressional scrutiny, and blistering criticism, Clinton’s online files are being subpoenaed. Early disclosures regarding “TweetGate” have not assuaged the growing concerns.


Clinton's selfie with new BFF Meryl

Clinton’s selfie with new BFF Meryl

The tone of Mrs. Clinton’s online correspondence has been criticized as juvenile and provocative. There seems to be a lot of age-innapropriate banter and general lack of responsible activity that one should associate with such a high office. Many agencies of the Federal government that operate under the State Department were mystified by the lack of formal correspondence through normal channels while Clinton served on Obama’s cabinet.

“We never got any instructions at all because we didn’t follow her on Twitter,” said a unnamed foreign ambassador.

Clinton herself seems unperturbed by the growing scandal.

“It’s just easier for me to use social media on my iPhone…I don’t like computers and I’m always on the go anyway,” explained Clinton. “This is 2015…chill!”


Hillary explains bizarre New York Times cover

Hillary Clinton held a press conference this morning to explain her appearance on the startling New York Times cover.

Hillary Clinton held a press conference this morning to explain her appearance on the startling New York Times cover.

“It’s no big deal,” said a bemused Hillary Clinton. “I’m just a little puffy from my Botox injections…it’ll all be gone in a couple of days.”

Showing Clinton as a fat, bloated ball was originally thought to be an editorial dig by the Times.

Showing Clinton as a fat, bloated ball was originally thought to be an editorial dig by the Times.

The image of “Planet Hillary” on the New York Times Magazine has caused an Internet sensation and spawned dozens of parodies in just a few hours.  Clinton explained that she had posed for the illustration immediately after receiving a Botox treatment and the artist simply drew what they saw.

“It’s not the artists fault,” said Clinton. “I’m still a little puffed up.”

Asked by the media if this recent round of cosmetic treatments was an attempt to appear younger for voters in the upcoming presidential race, Clinton would only repeat that she’s just trying to look nice for Bill, and it had no connection to any future political plans.

Some of the parodies on the Internet are "getting a little carried away" according to Clinton.

Some of the parodies on the Internet are “getting a little carried away” according to Clinton.


The Hillary moon-head phenomena also caused a resurgence in the popularity of the annoying orange.

New Book Helps Troops Remain Lethal Without Being Impolite.

Recently released photos of U.S. Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters caused a tsunami of recriminations from around the world and our own indignant mainstream media.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, expressed her shock and apologized on behalf of the Obama administration to terrorists everywhere.

Peeing on a live Islamic fundamentalist is considered universally embraced slapstick humor, but is totally frowned upon AFTER you shoot him.

“These R Kelly wannabes could set back our planned surrender to the Taliban by months,” lamented Clinton. “We simply have to be more respectful of Islamic culture while we are visitors in that part of the world.”

To that end, Clinton has collaborated with pop star turned Ayatollah and cross cultural mutant, Cat Stevens, to pen a new best seller on Islamic cultural sensitivity. The book’s now mandatory reading for troops being shipped out to the middle east.

Cat & Hillary’s Big Book of Muslim Etiquette, focuses on proper conduct while interacting with, bombing, blasting with drones or otherwise dismantling, Islamic societies.

“Our cultures are very different and often clash,” said Secretary Clinton. “This can lead to unforgivable atrocities by our troops like naked pyramid construction with detainees and Koran toilet paper stunts.”

Conversely, Islamic terrorists are surprised and confused by what offends Americans.

“For example when we gang rape your journalists in the streets of Cairo it’s no big deal to us” offered Stevens. “Women are pretty much like goats so who cares…why the big fuss?”

“Yes,” agreed Clinton “when your people stone a runaway child bride, or saw off a defenseless hostage’s head on YouTube, or even just blow yourself up in a crowd, it would be considered a no no in the U.S.”

“Exactly! In Afghanistan or Iran it’s just everyday life! Like barbecuing an American contractor and hanging his smoking carcass from a bridge…just our way of expressing ourselves,” added Stevens.

Secretary Clinton briefly challenged Mullah Cat. “Well, you have to admit crashing planes into New York’s World Trade Center and killing thousands of innocent people was downright rude.”

“But, Hillary,” responded Stevens, “We are not a rich country like the United States, so we must ad lib a little on our weapons of mass destruction.”

“But when we get our nukes we promise to be more conventional, Allah willing.” added Stevens, politely. “But, thanks to the Israelis blowing up our scientists, it’s going to take a little longer.”

At least, they had the decency to not pee on them and cause a real problem.