Congressman Abercrombie Bragged About Bringing Home the Bacon…But, Did You Ever See Any?

Ask not for whom the pork rolls, it rolls not for thee.

Neil Abercrombie’s re-election pitch often revolved around his ability to bring home federal money.  His premature retirement from Congress will, of course,  erase all the seniority that has accrued to Hawaii  over the past twenty years.  Our new Congressman or woman, therefore,  will start at the bottom of the totem pole.

But, the real question is how effective was Neil with all that seniority Hawaii’s voters gave  him?  He often bragged about his ability to secure federal dollars with his “earmarks” and his senior positions on key defense committees, but what did this mean for you?  Apparently not much.  He produced major funding for his defense contractor friends, but littlle if any of that money made it to the average Hawaii citizen.  His military industrial connections responded in kind becoming among Abercrombie’s largest political campaign contributors.

BAE, among Neil’s largest contributors, got earmarks and government contracts.  Lockheed Martin, another regular donor got a contract for jet engines nobody else seemed to want.  Even Hawaii Biodiesel, a local large contributor whose president is an “honorary” campaign chairwoman for Neil, got a $3.5 million “earmark.”  The list goes on and on and their reciprocation to Neil’s political war chest was standard procedure.

So, again, what did you get from the 2009 contender for CAGW “Porker of the Year,” Congessman Neil Abercrombie?

According to Cliff Slater, long time student of Abercrombie’s record, you pretty much got screwed. One of his is regular “Second Opinion” op ed columns laid it out vividly:

“Our delegation rightly points out that Hawaii is sixth in the nation as a recipient of federal spending on a per capita basis.”

“Quite simply, the military’s defense requirements dictate high spending in Hawaii and Guam…”

“The real test of an elected official’s ability to deliver ‘pork’ is in non-defense spending—social welfare, transportation, highways, education and non-defense procurement. For this, we rank a lowly 37th among the states on a per capita basis. Some pork. We rank so low that what our Congressional delegation brings home is not real pork but luncheon meat—a pastiche of the more unmentionable leftovers of the pig after the choice cuts are taken.”


Neil took credit for a lavish feast, but all you got was a rusty can of spam.

Abercrombie Woka Woka’s His Way Through Congressional PAC Money.

Congressman Abercrombie, the ultimate PAC man, displayed an insatiable appetite for special interest money during his twenty years in Washington.

Abercrombie is now trying to pass himself off as being funded mostly by small contributors, “just regular folks” according to his public relations people. But his twenty year history in the U.S. Congress shows a clear pattern of exactly the opposite. A recent Honolulu Advertiser story states:

“Abercrombie, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, has collected more money over his two decades in Congress from political action committees than individual donors. In more recent campaigns, he has benefited from large contributions from transportation unions and defense, aerospace, legal and maritime interests.”

The total amounts of money paid to Abercrombie over the years add up to a truly mind boggling total. reported, “over the course of his political career (from 1989-2006), Abercrombie received $6,853,048 in political contributions, 53 percent of which were from PACs. Of those PAC funds, $1,194,440 were from businesses and $2,234,115 from labor unions.” The Abercrombie gravy train didn’t stop in 2006 either.  Further reports from show that Abercrombie continued to milk his PAC connections for huge contributions.

Abercrombie consistently fed from the PAC trough

Based on contributions to Abercrombie from 2005 to 2007 the lion’s share of his war chest doesn’t even come from Hawaii. According to Abercrombie:

Received 71% of campaign contributions ($1,198,554)
outside his district.

Received 64% of campaign contributions ($1,087,801)
outside his state.

The following is a break out of specific corporate and PAC contributions to Abercrombie in the 2006-2008 campaign cycle.  Please note that many “individual” contributors are corporate officers, lobbyists or are in some other way attached to a major corporate contributor or PAC.

Many "individual" contributors are linked to PAC and corporate donors.

Coming Soon: What they got for their money

Honolulu Advertiser Article