Weiner refuses to pull out

Hey, hey, hey...it's Tony!  Check out my new thong!

Hey, hey, hey…it’s Tony! Check out my new thong!

Just when Anthony Weiner jokes were dying down, the wannabe mayor of New York makes a dick of himself yet again.  Unable to keep from texting pecker pics to his admiring fans, Tony “the baloney pony” Weiner has once again made news as a habitual Internet perv.

The New York Post’s latest cover trumpeted “The second coming of Weiner!”

Even jaded New Yorker’s (it’s now OK to walk down Madison Avenue with your boobs out) seem to have had enough Weiner.  The recent polls show Weiner is sagging badly and not likely to get pointed in the right direction anytime soon.


Weiner just isn't funny anymore.

Weiner just isn’t funny anymore.

Now is the time to wheel out all those lame “Weiner” jokes that you thought up, but didn’t have time to use before the previous Weiner phenomena slipped into obscurity. As long as ‘Carlos Danger’ keeps tweeting his dirty laundry (while he was still wearing it), it’s only fair to give Weiner’s weiner full coverage.