Atomic Monkey has widened its scope to cover both local and national political personalities and events.  We feature the work of local writers and artists as well as award-winning nationally syndicated material. The opinions expressed in this blog cover an ever broader range of perspectives, but all celebrate the basic freedom to express ourselves and make ass our constitutional right, or rather obligation,  to resist suppression. (edited out as excessive bullshit) Our goal is to parody the folly, hypocrisy and just plain futility of modern politics and provide an entertaining diversion from the stress of modern society.

Feel free to participate in the open blogs, but please refrain from obscenity and say whatever you want.

Edited by: Keith Rollman • adman512@yahoo.com

6 responses

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  2. so you love the carpenters union. of course, they should have 3 to 4 different pacs with different names and money giving vehicles. Where’s that witty commentary?
    was Last comment really sept.2011?

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