History Channel – Hunting Hitler reveals startling new information


Host of Hunting Hitler reveals startling news

The History Channel’s Hunting Hitler has uncovered shocking new information that may prove once and for all that Adolf Hiter escaped Germany at the end of WWII and is alive today! The show had meticulously traced the movement of the fugitive dictator to Argentina, along with many of his minions. This included the nefarious “Angel of Death,” Dr. Josef Mengele.


Photo of Hitler artificially “aged” by 70 years reveals shocking image.


Computer “aging” of Hitler’s face reveals the unmistakable likeness of George Soros.

The show contacted the FBI missing persons forensic laboratory in Washington, DC to process the last know photographs of Adolf Hitler and show what he could look like at different points in time if he had lived. Only when they dialed it up to a startling 70 years (which would make Hitler 127 years old!) did it reveal the shocking image show above. George Soros refused to respond to the shows inquires and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Freedom of information requests finally reveal what was found in Dr. Mengele’s secret laboratory in Argentina in 1979.


Dr. Josef Mengele (AKA Wolfgang Gerhard) left a treasure-trove of evidence in his secret Argentine laboratory.

Recently revealed classified reports, sealed since the late 70’s) show that several frozen clones of what appeared to be Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler. Curiously, there was a heart and kidney extracted from one of the Himmers in the process of being packed from shipment to the United States – marked as “spare parts for James Carville.” The sophisticated cloning and organ harvesting operation could explain how Hitler could have survived to this day in the grotesque form of a 127 years old Soros-like creature.

The shows proposes the theory that under the false identity of billionaire George Soros, Adolf Hilter has maintained his quest for world domination and the imposition of a Fourth Nazi Reich to this very day.


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