U.S. Post Office awards contract for 500,000 new delivery vehicles

The ubiquitous little Northrop Grumman delivery vehicles used for decades by America’s postmen are near the end of their useful service life. Many of the sturdy little vehicles have racked up over 400,000 miles.

“They have been very reliable, but the time has come to replace them with something more in keeping with the new mission of the U.S. Post Office,” said Chief Operating Officer Sayeed Mohammad.

The new postal delivery vehicles will be much sturdier and mission-flexible.

The new postal delivery vehicles will be much sturdier and mission-flexible.

The new role of the U.S. Post Office will include a share of federal homeland security capabilities as defined by recent Obama executive orders.

The winning contract went to Pakistani corporation, Bahawalpur Ordinance & Armor, who were the lowest bidders that met all the established criteria. Specifications for the new, much more robust, vehicles included light armor, gun ports, IED proof tires, sirens, radio jamming equipment and ability to me modified for a grenade launcher turret.

“We really like the new vehicle,” said Mohammad. “Many of our new recruits are very familiar with this type of vehicle with extensive experience driving similar vehicles in Syria.”

When asked about the new mission for the Post Office defined by Obama’s final executive orders, Mr. Mohammad was more guarded.

“We really aren’t authorized to get into details, it’s supposed to be kind of a surprise.” Mohammad said. “The Post Office will be doing more door to door pick-ups than usual involving certain newly illegal items that must be mailed to the government.”

“The packaging and postage will be paid by the government, so hopefully there won’t be too much resistance” added Mohammad.


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