A Glimpse of Life in Hillary’s America

ministryoftruthIn desperation, America turns to Hillary Clinton as their last best chance…they are mercilessly screwed.


Hillary urges American citizens to accept the New World Order and let Syrians live in their garage. True happiness promised to all through compliance and loyalty to the government.

The government will now supply all the needs of our citizens, and you don’t “need” much.

1984bEvil propagandist James Carville looks even more like Smeagol, however, Gollum has definitely taken over again. Urges people to remain vigilante and turn in “backsliders,” “malcontents” and “shirkers” for political re-education




1984cGeorge Soros spends millions to reinvigorate urban communities by urging blacks to “kill whitey” and “loot liquor from your nearest Seven Eleven.” Don’t trust any uniformed police officers except the new Federal U.S. Post Office swat teams and Bangladeshi U.N. Troops.

Clinton hires Mao’s old graphic designer. Poster defacement is punishable by 10 years in a FEMA camp.


The talking heads of political correctness urge all Caucasian Americans to wallow in collective guilt and disarm. Mandatory sex-change operations for toxic masculinity syndrome passes Democrat controlled Congress.

Declared an enemy of the State, Trump is hanged on live television during the national burning of the old constitution ceremony.




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