What is lurking in your daughter’s school restroom?

New federal

Where is the point of no return?

As Political Correctness pushes the concept of “tolerance” to its impending breaking point…the correct answer is who the hell knows.

The feds issued a document last year that offered additional guidance on the decades-old law: “Title IX’s sex discrimination prohibition extends to claims of discrimination based on gender identity.”

This new interpretation allowed California (Hawaii will soon attempt to follow) to pass a law stipulating that students must be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school activities—like bathroom use and sports-team participation—based on the gender with which they identify, regardless of the sex listed for them in official records (in Hawaii you can now rewrite your birth certificate to align with your current delusions). So, not only can an individual “born as a male” compete with your daughter for a starting position on her team, but she will have to shower with him as well.

The ensuing chaos has led some Social Justice Warriors to dispense with gender-based pronouns like “he, she, hers or his” simply because of they couldn’t rationalize the absurdity of their own regulations and “fluid” nature of their new PC reality.

Stefonknee (formerly Paul) Wolscht

Stefonknee (formerly Paul) Wolscht

In related news, one Paul Wolscht left his wife and seven kids to live the rest of his life as God made him…a six year old girl named Stefonknee.  Yes, Mr. Wolscht is both transgender and transage. Many would consider him simply mentally unstable with an overwhelming need to bail out on the demands of supporting his large family.

There used to be clinical diagnosis and treatment for this sort of mental breakdown, but now the victims are paraded as cultural heroes and given their own reality shows.  It’s not politically correct to help them…we are forced to celebrate their illness as self-expression.

Regardless of how Wolscht got to this point, the Obama administration will undoubtedly pave his way to register in an elementary school near you where he will compete with the other little girls for a spot on the softball team and stalls in their ladies room.

(Sadly, this is NOT satire….it’s all true)


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