Hawaii Welcomes Syrian Refugees


The first batch of the expected 200,000 Syrian refugees arrived today at Honolulu Harbor

The Governor made a brief statement as the first boatload of Syrian refugees arrived at Pier 19.

“We are a welcoming Island culture and wish to extend our spirit of Aloha to our new…” at this point the governor was drowned out by chants of “Alluha Akbar!,” and, looking a little stunned, was whisked away by security.

He stopped momentarily to offer the gathered media a few words, “There’s so many…there’s so many…I didn’t know there was so many….” At this point the dazed governor was pushed into his waiting limo.

Many had criticized the governor for being the only state left to back President Obama and agree to take the refugees. All other 49 states have refused to relocate any of the approximately 200,000 Muslims that Obama has agreed to take in during the next year.

Several Hawaiian greeter girls tried handing out leis and giving traditional Island greetings, but were quickly overwhelmed by the mob. There were reports that the girls had been auctioned off as sex slaves.

Buses that awaited the new refugees to shuttle them to the tent city constructed for them by the state administration were overturned and set on fire.

The approximately 32,430 refugees were last seen headed toward Waikiki and Kahala.


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