The Clinton Fundation – The Family Business of Political Graft

Public service can be profitable.

Public service can be profitable.

Ms. Harriet Harpy-Schrue, a spokesperson for the Clinton Fundation, responded to our request for information in a recent letter.

“We’ve had a lot of questions about the Clinton’s charitable foundation in the past few weeks,” said Ms Harpy-Schrue. “As everyone knows the Clinton’s fund humanitarian efforts across the globe. The Foundation retains only a modest 98% administrative fee for its expenses.”

The subject of Mrs. Clinton using her elective offices to extract contributions (bribes) in return for government contracts and other government largess was sharply dismissed by an offended Harpy-Schrue.

“Nothing has been proven!” barked Ms Harpy-Schrue. “There are no records or emails that would support such a cavalier accusation.”

She was apparently referring to the smoldering lump of metal that used to be the Clinton Foundation web server.

FundationLogoThe spokesperson also refused to respond to the revelation of Clinton Fundation “rate cards” where various services were offered in exchange for “suggested” contributions. The rates on an earlier “Senator Clinton” card for items such as floor votes, “putting in a good word” and “greasing a federal contract,” were relatively affordable compared to the more recent “Secretary of State Clinton” rates. “Sending in assassin drones,” for example was a pricey $2,000,000 and three Bill speeches (at $500,000/ ea.)

A question about what role the Clinton Foundation may have played in the Benghazi debacle, when Clinton was Secretary of State, also received a “no comment.” There was some concern as to the significance of an invoice from the Clinton Foundation discovered in the late Ambassador Steven’s desk. The invoice sent to the Ambassador was for $500,000 for military protective services and bore a large rubber stamp that read: “PAST DUE – services will be withheld until paid in full.”

Even more alarmingly, a controversial “President Hillary Clinton” rate card was reported in circulation in the Middle East. Some of the items on it raised eyebrows in Washington — with curious items ranging from “indemnifying your daughter against being made a Bill Clinton White House intern” for $50,000; to “NOT launching a nuclear missile attack on your country,” for a staggering $2 trillion (plus 40 Bill speeches for $1,000,000/ea.


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