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As U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton blew off communications protocol and security, opting to use her personal e-mail and social media for official business. Now under congressional scrutiny, and blistering criticism, Clinton’s online files are being subpoenaed. Early disclosures regarding “TweetGate” have not assuaged the growing concerns.


Clinton's selfie with new BFF Meryl

Clinton’s selfie with new BFF Meryl

The tone of Mrs. Clinton’s online correspondence has been criticized as juvenile and provocative. There seems to be a lot of age-innapropriate banter and general lack of responsible activity that one should associate with such a high office. Many agencies of the Federal government that operate under the State Department were mystified by the lack of formal correspondence through normal channels while Clinton served on Obama’s cabinet.

“We never got any instructions at all because we didn’t follow her on Twitter,” said a unnamed foreign ambassador.

Clinton herself seems unperturbed by the growing scandal.

“It’s just easier for me to use social media on my iPhone…I don’t like computers and I’m always on the go anyway,” explained Clinton. “This is 2015…chill!”



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