Hammer Time

Rep. Brower drops the hammer on the homeless.

Rep. Brower drops the hammer on the homeless.

Colorful State Representative Tom Brower is pounding away in his district of Waikiki. According to today’s StarAdvertiser, Rep. Brower has begun accosting homeless people and absconding with their shopping carts.  If it still has a store logo on it, he returns it to the owner; if not, he pounds it into oblivion with his mighty sledgehammer!  The police have hinted that his swift street justice may be circumventing the law, in that he doesn’t really take the time to determine who the legal owner is (including the homeless person) before he “swings” into action and hammers home his point.

Be forewarned. The next time granny is hobbling home from the supermarket with a borrowed cart, she may come face to face with the real life Super Mario and be pounded into submission.



4 responses

  1. Got to love how prissy, dandy Tom lets the beard grow out and wears a tee shirt and ball cap when he goes cart pounding. But, really, the big bad hammer is a bit of over compensation, no? Oh well, I guess that old crazy lady with the horrible leg ulcers and bleeding sores who can barely walk won’t pose much of a threat for this macho, macho man.

  2. Hilarious. As Bugs would say, “What a maroon!” Will he offer an apology rap at the legislature in a couple weeks? Will voters boo him off the stage?
    I see that Ashhole in the paper ripped off your Thor allusion today. Surprise. That dude is so shameless that it’s actually fun to watch him make ass. I guess you should be flattered or something.

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