Abercrombie D.O.E. unveils new “equality” era textbooks

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The early reading books will be produced to reflect 432 lifestyle variants.

In anticipation of the legalization of same-sex marriage being promoted by the Governor, his administration has already begun the process of bringing public education resources up-to-date.

D&JcollageDepartment of Education curriculum specialist, Carolyn Fuji-Matsuda, displayed a series of new “Dick & Jane” reading primers for the media today.

“What was difficult to achieve was incorporating all the possible new “equality” options available to modern progressive families,” said Ms. Fuji-Masuda. “We started with a simple male gay couple variant, but soon realized that we had to have a lesbian couple, a gay and lesbian couple with minority racial partners, and then every possible variant of lesbian, gay, racial minority and physical disability.”

The mathematical possibilities are staggering and all are “civil rights” according to the governor.  The early reading books had to be made in a total of 432 variations, and children, beginning in kindergarten will be required to read all of them equally.

“It is about fairness,” said Fuji-Matsuda.

According to the D.O.E., Governor Abercrombie’s “equality” initiative will promote a broader understanding and acceptance of the variations of human interaction and sexuality.  On the downside, because of the shear volume of alternate lifestyles that must be presented, high school graduates will still be reading at the second grade level.


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