Obama’s bull is catching up with him.

Future rodeos will have armed drones circling overhead.

Future rodeos will have armed drones circling overhead.

A recent rodeo in Missouri inflamed the PC mob, not because of it’s politically incorrect treatment of animals, but because one of the clowns dared to mock the President. The crowd cheered when an Obama-masked rodeo clown asked ” Do you want to see Obama get run down by a bull?” The fallout from this incident has created a national debate featuring advocates of free speech vs, well, those opposed to free speech.

The rodeo management quickly crumpled and threw the clown under the bus, banning him for life.  The liberal media continued shrieking about the “abominable behavior” (even for red-necks from Missouri).

The Missouri branch of the NAACP really jumped the shark by demanding a Justice Department and Secret Service investigation of the clown as a civil rights violator.  It would seem that the simple mocking of the incumbent president is deemed racist because he is black (he’s actually half white, too).  This is dangerous turf to be treading on.  Because the President is black, any satire or mocking of his presidency can be considered “racist,” therefore he should somehow be indemnified from any criticism.  Ridiculous.

Masks can now only be purchased with a federal permit.

Masks can now only be purchased with a federal permit according to the White House.

Unless, we the people, blink and are willing to allow political censorship, we must stand up for all clowns everywhere. How would you like to live in a world where only some clowns get to speak their mind? What makes Joe Biden’s political views any more important than that of the average county rodeo clown?

There hasn’t been such ham-handed arrogance since the days of Rome’s tyrannical emperors…some of whom did, in fact, commission protracted torture deaths for actors who crossed that line and tried a little humor at their expense.

When thin-skined gubernatorial candidates beat up on harmless satire blogs, it’s mildly bemusing; but, when U.S. Presidents allow ordinary citizens to be pilloried for their political views….it’s unconstitutional.


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