Obama launches campaign to mock global warming deniers into submission

Unable to provide convincing scientific data, the pro-global warming forces are resorting to their weapon of last resort…ridicule.

“We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-earth society.” chortled President Obama while delivering his latest roster of executive orders designed to bypass Congress on environmental regulations.

Hawaii’s Senator Brian Schatz, who ran Obama’s Hawaii re-election campaign, outlined the new strategy: “These people have to be ridiculed,” said Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz. “They have to be run out of town rhetorically.”

Apparently, they had to scrap the original plan that called for the IRS to actually run them out of town. Now, it’s a matter of buying the “cool” kids bullshit or “getting the treatment.”

It can be assumed that script suggestions have already been transmitted by the White House to Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show and Colbert with instructions on who is on the “hit list.”

In a strategy that evoke 3rd grade bullying, Obama and Shatz conspire to "mock" you into submission.

In a strategy that evokes 3rd grade bullying, Obama and Shatz conspire to “mock” you into submission.

Perhaps the use of savage ridicule is the only avenue left.  The “science” of global warming took a beating between 2008 and 2010 as wave after wave of deliberately faked data was exposed.  The Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was exposed as a silly propaganda operation.  There is no more talk of “global warming,” as the term has become equated with outright hoax.  Now it’s “Climate Change,” apparently designed to cover all possibilities. In any event the “solution” is the same…give government more money and power and everything will be OK.

The forces of climatic apocolypse took another giant hit when their titular leader, Al Gore, the purveyor of “Inconvenient Truth,” sold his “green” broadcast network to Al Jazeera and Qatar petroleum interests. An act of cynical hypocrisy that dwarfs his other transgressions. Such climate-change-damaging PR disasters are quickly swept under the rug by a doting media establishment.

Whether or not man-caused climate change is real is irrelevant. Obama’s doing this not because he really believes this rubbish, but because he thinks it politically prudent to throw the tree-huggers a bone, and flex his executive powers. And, more importantly, it’s a timely distraction from Benghazi, IRS harassment, NSA snooping and Obama’s bone-headed Attorney General.

This whole fear and guilt campaign about how humans were destroying the planet was designed to punish developed countries (for their transgressions) and reward backward countries (for not having enough on the ball to cause any alleged damage). It is basically the latest ruse for the Marxist redistribution of wealth types, done under the guise of environmental protection.  And, by basing the future economy on carbon, jokers like Al Gore can make a quick buck in the processs.

The earth has, in its past, been both a flaming inferno and a frozen blob.  That's quite a range in climate even before humans were on the scene.

The earth has, in its past, been both a flaming inferno and a frozen blob. That’s quite a range in climate and  it would be difficult to blame it on humans since they hadn’t evolved yet.


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