Occupy Honolulu infestation spreading quickly

Nest started showing up late last year.

Nests started showing up late last year.

Since the end of last year the Occupy Honolulu “sit in” located around Thomas Square park has appeared to have gone feral. Honolulu Academy of Art Docent, Milicent Schniz-Berger said the nesting activity was initially mistaken for outdoor artwork. “We tried spraying and removing the nests, but they reappeared within a couple of days,” said Ms. Schniz-Berger. “The city really must do something before it really get’s out of control.”

The growing number of feral citizens has created some serious problems for museum goers says Schniz-Burger. “The little ones are up in the trees all day hooting and shrieking and they like to pee on the visitors.”

The current population appears to be descended from the original Occupy Honolulu participants from two years ago, but have since reverted to primitive tribal behavior after the checks from George Soros stopped coming.  Unable to purchase new tents from K-Mart, the “occupiers” started building their own shelters and catching pigeons for food.  The last individual capable of speech disappeared earlier this year.


6 responses

  1. Three stubborn delusional drama-fiend fucktards with 20 soggy tents, a bunch of pilfered rubbish and an overused iphone sure can make one park look like shit. And make garden variety self-absorbed hippie losers look absolutely reasonable in comparison. Doesn’t their leader, the loudmouth stinky dude with the dirty red hat, work the night shift stocking shelves at Walmart? He’s the same doofus who just ran for City Council District Six and got less than one percent of the vote. So much for claiming to represent the 99 percent — who think he’s a fucking idiot who needs to go home and take his piles of crap with him.
    The giant nests across the street can stay though.

  2. And whose the idiot who doesn’t know mdiddly about the De-Occupy movement that he thinks Chris Smith is a doofus. Hey moron anytime you think you can hold your ground against Chris Smith don’t hide behind your rants here come to Thomas Square and I promise you chris will make you for what you are a guy who speaks out of his okole!!!

  3. Free Speech: A-okay.
    Empty tents and stolen recliners littering parks and sidewalks? Fuck no.
    Nihilist neo-hippie Facebook showoffs who work at Walmart? Kiss my ass.

  4. Anyone who doubts they are complete idiots should check out their ridiculous “topless” protest on election day, which they apparently are quite proud of. You can’t make this silly shit up.

  5. Can’t make this up. Occupy nitwits play with Facebook and struggle to understand reality:

    Sunday’s GA (General Assembly, Jan 08,, 2013 at Thomas Square) Christopher Smith (Nova) named point person for court communications to deoccupy members.

    Kathy Sugar gave a brief outline of the court case regarding named plaintiffs and DeOccupy Honolulu including up to some 50 John Does against defendants; certain city officials, the City and County of Honolulu including some 50 John Does whereby a Restraining Order against Honolulu police and city is being sort.

    Michael Daly complained that the process was not transparent or inclusive and court documents, plain-English reports and updates to DeOccupy supporters were insufficient and not compiled logical in any place. He said the case was particularly confusing and mysterious yet important and should not be in the hands of a few, but recognized their efforts.

    Kathy Sugar said that Chris Smith was the communications point person. H Doug Matsuoka said that some material had gone up on the internet including a blog called “Disappeared News”. Terry noted the issue was a can of worms.

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