Councilman Tom Berg barricaded in his office


Other departing City Councilmen have graciously stepped aside and allowed the new Councilpersons for their district to take office. Tom Berg alone remains ensconced at Honolulu Hale, making it difficult for incoming Councilwoman Kym Pine, who clobbered him in the last election.  Apparently determined to stay to the last minute and milk every media opportunity that remains, Tom clings to his last vestages of power like a drowning raccoon hangs on to a hay bale.  In addition to whiny op-eds and snarky blog entries, Berg made one last-stand with his lone useless vote refusing to accept the $1.5 billion from the Federal Government for the Honolulu rail project.


4 responses

  1. A hoot while he lasted, far more ridiculous and entertaining than even Rod Tam.
    Now relegated to Neighborhood Board public comment ranting for a much smaller audience Off Off Broadway. And there doesn’t seem to be any qualified candidate ready to fill his enormous shoes as official Delusional Council Buffoon.

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