Spanish Restoration Controversy Resolved

The faulty fresco restoration has finaly been fixed.

The much publicized restoration attempt of a famous fresco in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church in Borja, Spain has finally been repaired.  The first attempt at restoration by an elderly, and well-meaning, parishioner went horribly wrong.  The original portrait of Christ was reduced to a monkeyish caricature that attracted worldwide attention.  Spanish jokesters have christened the revamped work once known as “Ecce Homo” -– Behold the Man -– as “Ecce Mono” -– Behold the Monkey.

At the direction of the Church, the final restoration departs from both the original and the first restoration attempt. “We kind of got attached to the new name…Behold the Monkey,” said a spokesperson for the Vatican, “But, the first attempt just wan’t a very good painting of a monkey, so we brought in some expert artists.”


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