Can Ice Cream Be Racist?

Fortune Cookie ingredient deemed racist and pulled from shelves.

Apparently in our modern age of race-based McCarthyism it can be. It’s like the McCarthyist inspired communist witch hunts of the fifties where a mere accusation was sufficient to condemn. People now cower under the threat of racial manipulators. In spite of the obvious absurdity people meekly submit to PC bullies. Ben and Jerry’s dutifully removed “fortune cookies,” the ingredient that was criticized as “racist,” from its new ice cream flavor…Lin-Sanity.

There is no word as to whether B&J will be removing Ganja from its Jamaican Me Crazy sorbet, or windex from its Greek yogurt.

Has this race baiting idiocy finally “jumped the shark?”

If Chinese don’t want to be associated with fortune cookies stop making them, and sticking them in my Panda’s express take out. Why is Ben & Jerry apologizing and knuckling under to this phony accusation?

This bizarre hyper-sensitivity about anything to do with racial or ethnic differences used to be a black and white, mainland phenomena honed to a fine art by self-serving operatives like Al Sharpton. But, now ANY perceived differences can be exploited by cynical consultants to cause alarm, even here. Hawaii, regarded by many as the model of multi-multiculturalism, is not immune to being influenced by the “race card,” when political elections are on the line.


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