A Pathetic Flea On American Society

An explosive new film blows the lid off the Federal conspiracy to suppress opposition to the Honolulu rail project. The movie dramatizes the confrontation between Federal agents and Honolulu’s plucky City Councilman, Tom Berg. Drugged by no one less than the President of the United States himself, Berg has his cell phone, containing vital anti-rail strategic plans, stolen by the Feds.  Hell bent on discovering the secret information on Berg’s phone, the government goons send in a sultry, temptress to thwart Berg’s quest to regain his phone and his dignity.

Berg appears to surrender before being hit by a Taser.

The action builds as Berg valiantly tries to penetrate Secret Service security and the beautiful, blonde agent.  The verbal exchanges between the two are electric and charged with sexual tension. Take, for example, this riveting and brilliantly crafted dialog:

Berg: It took me about an hour and half to get here (Waikiki) from Kahala.

Agent: In your condition I’m surprised you made it here at all.

Or this:

Berg: You’re covering for ineptitude and incompetence!

Agent: No, Sir, I assure you we will tell everyone about you.

And, who could forget:

Berg: Are you one of those Federal f******g PIGS!  Is that a Taser? AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


4 responses

  1. What a penetrating film noir extraordinaire!

    I’ll sleep better at night knowing that our good Councilmonkey from District 1 is in his heydey, protecting us from the federal public transportation conspiracy, Dr. Evil, Mini Me and Fat Bastard. I’ll bet he can even escape from a straitjacket.

    Go get ’em, 001!

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