Obama Has A “Dan Quayle” Moment

President Obama greets a startled Abercrombie in fluent Mandarin.

At the recent APEC gathering in Hawaii, President Obama mistakenly referred to their current location as “Asia.”  It’s the type of misspeak made famous by Republican candidate Dan Quayle.  The sort that gets the Liberal media howling and condemning the transgressor as “too stupid to be electable.”  You know, the sort of mobbing they reserve for the faux pas by the Quayles, Palins, Cains and Perrys.  The type of opportunity that makes Jon Stewart wet himself. How would we know that Republicans are so stupid if the media wasn’t there to constantly remind us.

But, aside from a small snippet in FOX News, there wasn’t a peep about Obama’s 3,000 mile GPS malfunction.

It is unforgivable that Honolulu’s local media, at least, didn’t give this story the attention it deserved because it might have explained a lot.

Roundly criticised for snubbing the local garment industry by rejecting his aloha shirt photo op, President Obama may have simply been confused as to where he was.  Of course, it would seem inappropriate to don aloha attire if you think you were in Thailand or China. Clearly, the man had no idea where he was. I am sure he would have eagerly obliged had he only known he was actually in this “home” state.

This could also explain the discrepancies regarding his place of birth.  Maybe the president really meant someplace else…like Indonesia.  It’s really hard to keep all those asian locales straight.


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