Herman Cain Finally Admits He’s a Sexagenarian

Herman Cain, shown here in the act of accosting an unidentified white woman.

It is stuff of political campaign legend. It’s often told how a close race (somewhere in the South) was won at the last minute by the devious candidate who leveled an accusation that his opponent was an avowed “Sexagenarian.” The word simply means between the ages of 60 and 69, but to the ignorant and easily mislead it conjured up all sorts of nasty deviant behavior that certainly disqualified the accused for any public office. According to the story is actually worked. Yes, people (not just in the South) are that stupid.

That’s what political operatives count on when they launch their character assassination attacks. They have the most success with volatile and emotional material like sex or racism, because there is little rational thinking involved. The predictable reaction to these charges come from the brain stem, not the higher functions of the frontal lobe.

Take for instance the current “Clarence Thomasing” of Herman Cain.

The pattern of media hysteria, innuendo and shadowy accusers is, as if, from the pages of some Democrat Field Manual of Political Dirty Tricks, Sabotage and Slander. And, of course, Atomic Monkey has obtained a copy.


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