Atomic Monkey In Danger Of Going Mainstream

Pretty funny…a slick package of original cartoons, funny pictures and Onion-like sendoffs…it’ll find a following among those who like their political commentary pointed.”

Dave Shapiro, Volcanic Ash  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

high-quality satire with a biting edge. Definitely worth checking…”

Ian Lind  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

An Atomic Monkey has climbed on Neil Abercrombie’s back. And no, your beloved Editor doesn’t know who’s behind this blog, but we’d like to commend their excellent investigative skills.”

Andrew Walden, Hawaii Free Press   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

I love Atomic Monkey!”

Malia Zimmerman, Hawaii Reporter   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Keith Rollman, a former information technology advisor and campaign volunteer…is back with his Atomic Monkey parody website. The new Atomic Monkey is still skewering Neil Abercrombie.”

Derrick Depledge, Honolulu Star-Advertiser   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Our new favorite blog…it’s sharp and funny!”



6 responses

  1. What I like best about this site is the humility of its creator. I mean, usually when I shout out “get a room!” there are two people involved.

  2. Who’s David Shapiro? Oh, you mean that lazy old gasbag who always ripped off reporting done by others, constantly got it wrong, and pretended to be some kind of veteran journalist? Is that bum still pulling that act? What a fake and a bozo.

    • I’m guessing it’s you, Chumley, that’s putting out Volcanic Ass. I would rate it #1 in relentless mockery.

      Dave sent me an email and asked if it was me! I had once joked about a Volcanic Ass article. But, I don’t have your stamina for such long-range Twitter commitment.

      T. Tuxedo

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