Local Boys Denied Governorship…Again.

Bumatai's slogan "small kine change" resonated with Hawaii's voters who no longer believe in "change you can believe in."

In an echo of recent Hawaii politics, a mainland actor has once again denied local boys a shot at gubernatorial greatness.   After a short but feisty race for the role of Hawaii’s next governor on Hawaii 5-0, Andy Bumatai was defeated by another apparent insider deal that allowed a mainlander to scoop the prize role.  The open seat was created by TV villain, Wo Fat, who shot the previous governor dead in the season finale.

Bumatai could not be reached at his downtown campaign headquarters, above Hank’s in Chinatown. Friends say that he is still stunned by the defeat and will have an official statement later.

Richard T. Jones, who got the nod to be 5-0’s new gov, is an actor who most recently appeared in the Spielberg blockbuster, Super 8. He is Japanese, having been born in Kobe, Japan.

“I know I don’t look Japanese,” said Jones “But, that Bumatai guy is really a German.”

It is unclear whether race was a factor in the outcome of the gubernatorial selection, because no one seemed to know for sure who is what. Hawaii voters seem to be confused by racist politics and usually vote for whomever floats the most media calling the other guy a racist.

Richard T. Jones insists being Japanese didn't affect the election.


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