Atomic Monkey Protests Iranian Space Program

DISCLAIMER*: This image depicting the Iranian space program is not racist. Mr. Ahmadinejad deserves to be portrayed as a screeching monkey for reasons totally unrelated to his ethnicity or religion, which are both irrelevant to the story. * (For Honolulu City Prosecutor's Office)

Atomic Monkey sent a formal protest letter to the Iranian Embassy in  Kazakhstan calling for a full fledged, poo flinging monkey jihad.

The Iranian government had just unveiled a plan to launch a helpless monkey into Earth orbit. In a press conference earlier today head of Iran’s fledgling space program, Dr. Hassan Ben Sobar, said, “We have no idea if or where this thing will land, but I rather doubt we’ll be seeing our little monkey martyr again in this lifetime.”

As many of our readers know, the Atomic Monkey was itself a victim of a horrible launch mishap during the dawn of the Soviet space program.  The young simian’s space capsule failed to reach orbit and crash-landed into the Chernobyl nuclear power facility.  This is the long-suppressed real reason for the disaster as well as Atomic Monkey’s radiation problems that led to his anti-social political views.


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