Eric Ryan, Will Hack For Food

When originally contacted at the Kym Pine is a Crook headquarters, Ryan said he had no knowledge of her hacked email.

According to CivilBeat:

“The chief of staff to Honolulu City Council member Tom Berg hacked Rep. Kymberly Pine’s website and government email account and is responsible for putting up postings and sending out an email calling her ‘a crook’.”

When finally cornered, Ryan seemed to rely on a food deprivation defense and accused Pine of “stealing food right from the mouths of Ewa Beach residents.”

Ryan lives in Ewa Beach.

Ryan’s focus on food continued, “Pine learned the hard way that if you break into someone’s house and steal the food, you can’t complain if the milk is sour.”

It is not known if Ryan’s obsession with food was responsible for his falling out with his previous clients John Carroll and Stop Rail Now.



2 responses

  1. Lost in all this turgidity is the real question:

    Would someone named “Ryglowski” have gotten elected? I mean, not only too haole but Polish too.

    This deserves deep investigation. Perhaps over beer.

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