City Council Commits Illegal U-Turn—Reverses Itself on Corporte Welfare

Councilman Chang drooped under pressure. Shown with fellow U-Turn Award winners Kobayashi, Cachola, and Gabbard.

Less than a month after unanimously passing Bill 47 to end corporate welfare payments to a giant, profitable, mainland corporation; seven of our Councilmembers have reversed their position and voted to put it back. After a busy morning session of raising taxes and fees, the council focused on their new Bill 36 that restored the obscene pay out of tax money to Schnitzer Steel, by restoring a discount for dumping toxic waste from their automobile recycling operation in Oahu’s landfill.

One council aide, who declined to be identified said, “the councilmembers are looking out for themselves on this one. It was their long-time friend and former Councilwoman, Rene Mansho, who originally authored the bill that set this corporate welfare in motion over a decade ago…and she’s gotten a good job out of it. Do you know how hard it is to get a job in this market with her record? They never know which one of them will be next…Rod’s going to the slammer next week for God’s sake.”

Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi expressed gratitude that the contentious session was over, and blamed the “negative” atmosphere of the hearings on the common citizens who were expressing outrage at having their money stolen.”I just don’t understand what they expect” said the Councilman-For-Life.

One of the army of lobbyists and lawyers from Schnitzer Steel also commented off the record, “I don’t know what the fuss is about, we’re only talking a few million dollars here…with all the hired guns we have swarming the place, Schnitzer will be lucky to break even on this thing.”

Councilman Martin, Garcia and Anderson also voted in favor of the steaming turd which is Bill 36.

The vote was delayed numerous times due to multiple “technical flaws” in the hurridly prepared piece of legislative poop.

Only Breene Harimoto and Tom Berg voted against the shaddy back door disposal of taxpayer’s money. Romy Cachola and Ikaika Anderson voted yes, but with “reservations” indicating they knew better, but didn’t give a dam. Tulsi Gabbard agreed with a reporter that the new bill was a “compromise,” but was immediately corrected by the reporter who repeated that he had actually said “she had been compromised.” Stanley Chang, one of the authors of the bill, didn’t have much to say, but was seen furiously sucking his thumb and looking plaintively at Ann Kobayashi, who smiled and slipped him another cookie.

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