Crappy In-House Cartoon


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  1. Can anyone verify that Abercrombie’s new 90 day Unfunded Feral Citizen Relocation Plan (“UFCRP”, pronounced Oof – crap) is to have the homeless trained to stand along Nimitz waving giant APEC banners? I know the shopping cart parade down Kalakaua got nixed.

  2. Abercrombie’s “plan” is nothing but a recitation of common sense techniques the state should already be using. “Identify” this and “educate” that. There’s really nothing new. No new money for services. No new laws to enforce. No new places to go.

    Just like passing out a list of old service provider phone numbers was bullshit, this “plan” is more bullshit. Do we really have to wait 90 days to say that?

  3. If the camouflage consisted of vertical black-striped clothing, the Feral Citizens (“FC’s) could simply stand in front of those multi-million dollar fences that now line our waterfront.

  4. There are a bunch of homeless by choice who have lived for years along the Beretania Street side of Admiral Thomas square, just down the street from HPD headquarters. One dude sits on a bench all day talking to himself, surrounded by about 30 trash bags full of junk. He obviously needs help. Most of the others are just bums.

    What is the governor going to do about it?

    • Good question!

      The Unfunded Feral Citizen Relocation Plan (“UFCRP”) provides for netting to be placed around the banyan trees. This bold, out-of-the-box action will keep the Feral Citizens contained within and out of sight from assaulting the delicate eyeballs of fellow residents.

      Bids for advertising on the netting are currently being solicited. This is an excellent branding opportunity for cat food, blue tarpaulins, shopping carts and uku remedies. The revenue raised will help make sure our canoe does not huli. Corporate sponsorship of individual Feral Citizens is also encourages and the FC recipients of corporate largesse have agreed to wear appropriate team tee-shirts.

      This is a win-win all around. However, the program will end when the last APEC visitor has left town.

  5. A block from Abercrombie’s office, that lady has been sitting on Hotel Street in front of the district court building surrounded by a wall of suitcases for about five years now. He should take her to lunch or something.

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