Hamas Kiddie Show Can’t Keep Its Puppet Co-Hosts Alive

The children of Palestine and Gaza are fed a steady diet of hatred and propaganda thanks to kid’s show named “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” and its series of homicidal Jihadist cartoon characters.  They’re hoping to whip the kids up to a suicidal frenzy by having their favorite play dates killed off by the “filthy Zionists.”

Israeli agent takes exception to Farfour's smart-ass remark and kills him.

First, there was Farfour.  A sort of fake Mickey Mouse with gland problems.  He was pretty tame compared to his replacements, but still advocated for world domination by Islam, and gave pointers on throwing grenades and field stripping an AK-47.  He was the first to be martyered.  He was brutally beaten to death on camera by an Israeli agent while his horrified fans looked on.  Apparently, he was killed over a mortage title dispute, something many Americans can relate to.

There is a persistent rumor that the Disney corporation had something to do with Mr. Farfour’s untimely demise and may have inadvertantly set this chain of martyred mascots into motion.

Nahoul, the jerk bee, buzzes off in Gaza

Then came Nahoul, a fat, slightly retarded bee.  He is somehow inexplicably related to the deceased Farfour and vowes his “cousin’s” revenge.  He’s also a real jerk, shown swinging real cats by their tails and throwing rocks at caged lions (who unfortunately couldn’t get out).  In spite of being a total asshole, he was loved by his loyal Jihadis, and his young admirers are once again tramatized by having to watch his death throws in some crappy Gaza Strip hospital.  He was denied access to better treatment by the “filthy Zionist murderers,” and so moves on to his 70 virgin puppets.

Next came Assud, a bad copy of Bugs Bunny. He is Nahoul’s brother, which begs the question about inter-species fraternization among Palistinians.  Assud is a bit “edgier” than the idiotic Nahoul, and utimately earned the nickname of the “Jew

"What's up, Doc?...Arrrrrrrrrrrughh

Eating Rabbit.”  He also gets pretty pissed off about the Mohammad cartoons printed in Denmark, and suggests that his young audience kill and eat Danes as well.  Assud reached the gates of paradise via a heroic attempt to save the childrens’ toys from the television studio while the Israeli bombs were falling.  He also has a long and wordy hospital bed death scene, attended by a wailing child,  before departing for bunny heaven.

The current furry co-host of this wretched brainwashing operation is Nassur, a blood-thirsty bear. As of this writing he is still alive, but they’re already making a tiger suit in the back room for his rumored repacement after Nassur bites the big one.

All of these characters seem to have the same screechy high-pitched voice played by the same adult terrorist slime ball inside the suit.  He doesn’t actually ever die, just his puppet characters and the kids he sends out to kill the “enemies” he created for them.



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