Limbaugh Responds to Dopey Council Action

Rush Limbaugh in the act of NOT boycotting Hawaii.

Today Rush Limbaugh took a moment to tell his millions of listeners about Honolulu’s City Council and their ridiculous resolution condemning him for his bad Hu Jintao imitation. He seemed incredulous, like most of us here in Honolulu.

“The Honolulu City Council has passed an official resolution condemning me…over my so called impersonation of Hu Jintao…No, I’m not kidding!” Rush told his audience.

He also implied that he should consider boycotting Hawaii to return the favor. That would put the City Council’s dumb grandstanding in an entirely different light. The amount of money Rush Limbaugh personally spent in Hawaii is no doubt a couple hundred thousand at this point.

“You know, I am responsible for quite a bit of economic stimulus in Hawaii, from their medical community; to the hospitality community; to the golf course community,” said Limbaugh.

That would be the equivalent of our esteemed council members boycotting approximately: 500 Oreck vacuum cleaners, 15,000 years of eharmony and several hundred Select Comfort mattresses. That’s just to offset Rush; if you throw in a million or so of his listeners…then you’re talking about totally bankrupting the state. Nice going Romy.

“The City Council of Honolulu [passed] a condemnation, an official resolution demanding that I apologize,” he repeated, quizzically.

To put the entire fiasco into perspective Rush asked an interesting question about just how selective our Council’s indignation is.

“We have to check the archives to see if the Honolulu City Council ever did issue a condemnation of Mao Tse Tung for the genocide of Chinese people back when the cultural revolution, the great leap forward and all that stuff, took place,” asked Limbaugh.

Now, the rest of the country knows what we have known for quite some time. Our City Council is waste of public access programming.


2 responses

  1. I am waiting for council to pass a law banning stupid, time wasting that play right into the hands of gasbag radio jerks that everyone in Hawaii ignore anyway.

    But that probably not going to happen as long as they try to mimic California politicians like the one who got this thing started and using it to make a big name for himself.

    You can read about that here

    It seem that guy also has an interesting Hawaii connection, oops, arrest

    By the way when is Rod Tam going to jail? The council honor him and never condemn him for stealing.

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