Senator Slom Retracts Whorey Bat Bill

Senator Slom's research staff had supplied him with the following photo and what they believed to be valid information on a "Whorey Bat."

Today Senator Sam Slom pulled back SB 878 that would have made the Hoary Bat the official land mammal of Hawaii. Slom said he was misled by his staff on the base research he was given during the formulation of the bill.

“I’ve gotten verification from the University of Hawaii that there is in fact no such thing as a ‘Whorey Bat,’ and the photo I was given early in the process was a fake,” said the Senator at his press conference this morning.

“The U.H. Professors gave me an actual photo of a Hoary Bat, and it’s just a regular, dam ugly, bat,” said Senator Slom. “Who the hell wants an official bat that looks like flying roadkill?”

Actual bat


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