PC Censors Run Amok

Only true idiots would try to impose their version of political correctness on classic literature. Sadly, there are true idiots in positions of power among us.  Purging the “N” word out of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn is nothing short of vandalism.  Not because the word should be protected… because the book should be protected.  It is comparable to some religious zealot chiseling the dick off of Michelangelo’s David (which, I believe was actually attempted). Another example that comes to mind is the destruction of the ancient Buddhas in Afghanistan by the brainless fanatics of the Taliban.  It seems that their version of political correctness was also offended.  Idiots come in all stripes, from fundamentalists who want to burn books on Darwinian evolution to…well, idiots who want to rewrite Mark Twain to make it “acceptable” for the very limited span of time in which they are around to impose their views.  Art is timeless, political fanaticism is, hopefully,  always a passing fad.

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