We Tried to Tell You.

How can anybody act surprised when political promises from a campaign disappear? It’s as predictable as the spring thaw (OK, not a great metaphor to use in Hawaii.)  However, it is always interesting to watch people act shocked and disappointed when even the most obvious overblown campaign rhetoric evaporates under the harsh light of reality. Yes, we’re talking about Governor Abercrombie’s recent departure from his equivalent of the “Read my lips, no new taxes” pledge.  I am not going to gloat or reprint the Parable of the Snake (What did you expect..etc.) in its entirety, but I will remind everyone of some recent history.

As this screen shot from CivilBeat shows, Governor Abercrombie has flunked his first "Fact Check."

What I would like to do is re-publish the very last entry from Atomic Monkey (June 13, 2010) before it was voluntarily put on hiatus because of the intense, orchestrated “blow-back.”  Our article reported on a humorous (for us) visit by  Maui Tea Party members to Neil Abercrombie’s Wailuku HQ.  They had been riled up by some decidely “uncivil” and “hateful” comments that Neil had dropped on them in a local interview.  The specific issue the Tea types confronted him with was, of course, taxes, and Abercrombie again made his “no new taxes” campaign noises.

We fleshed out the story with some background on Neil’s voting record and came to the inescapable  conclusion that this kind of promise from someone with his long and consistent voting record for supporting aggressive taxation was not credible.

Please take a moment to re-read this blog entry, and keep in mind that it was meant to be accurate, fair, well documented and its tone well within the bounds of courteous political discourse. This story was consistent with the style of all of our stories, but we were  called: evil, savage, purveyors of smears, liars, character assassins, vile, vicious and assholes.

In response to all that,  I say…I wouldn’t have changed a single word. Some of you, however might want to reconsider yours.


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