Kim Jong-Il Defends Capabilities of His Taepodong

North Korea's Supreme Leader reading Saturday's Star Advertiser

As we had feared, Kim Jong-Il has not only seen last Saturday’s Star Advertiser, but has indeed taken it as deliberate provocation.  AM previously reported that some felt that the StarAdvertiser’s controversial use of “crosshairs” on  its cover could provoke a violent incident. Especially considering the range of  North Korea’s Taepodong II missile and their advanced capabilities with nuclear warheads.

A press release from North Korea quoted Kim Jong-Il, “You think that my Taepodong is some kind of joke?”

It went on to delineate, in the most graphic and superlative terms, the capabilities of  Kim’s Taepodong and its newly enhanced thrust and extended reach.

“If I was Hawaii,” commented Korea’s leader, “I would stop being so arrogant and start covering my butt.”


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