“Civility,” The New Hypocrisy

If I can attack you by whipping up public condemnation of your “style,” I don’t have to debate your actual message. In a nutshell, that appears to be the new liberal offensive being launched in this country to combat their arch-enemy the conservatives and their pesky voter uprising.

This new strategy attempts to intimidate the opposition while pretending to be clamoring for “civility.” No matter what argument is presented by a conservative it must quickly be labeled “incindiary,” “inflamitory,” or “hateful.” That way it can be dismissed as no more than unfortunate “provocation,” and the uniformed masses can be comfortable in ignoring the actual facts or, foolishly condoning the supression of those opposing ideas.

The problem is that this is media manipulation, or more precisely…a bizarre form of politically correct censorship. The goal is to control what you can say (which is unconstitutional), by pretenting to limit the argument to “how” you said it (it being quite legal to argue etiquette). In theory, the blatant hypocrisy manifest here should negate the viability of this nonsense. Unfortunately, the public has very short memories. They don’t recall President Obama inciting hispanics to “punish their enemies” or “bring a gun” to a knife fight; or Congressman Barney Frank’s complaint about the lack of efficiency of the bomb used in the attempted assasination of Vice President Cheney.

Now, the public’s sense of decency (and amnesia) is being exploited again by cynical political operatives and their minions in the media. The mantra is “we must tone it down,” but the meaning is clear: “we wish you would talk less.” Today, you cannot dissagree with liberal concepts without the danger of being condemed for “preaching hatered.”

The current example of this sort of rhetorical parsing is the reaction to the tragic violence in Arizona. The left is now positing that this crime is all the result of conservative “incivility.” One reoccuring example that they use invokes their national nemisis, Sarah Palin. Palin last year used register marks (symbols that look like a rifle’s crosshairs) to designate “targeted” political races on a map. The message was basically this: if we focus on specific races we can win them and defeat our political foes. Today’s liberal smokescreen is that Sarah Palin was “sending subliminal messages to violent, mentally unstable people and exhorting them to commit murder.”

It goes even beyond Palin. There is renewed effort to impose the “fairness doctrine” on conservative talk radio. Unable to hold an audience of their own, the liberals, want to force their views on you by legislating “equal time” for their opposing politics. I rather doubt that this means that the overwhelmingly liberal bias in the mainstream media will be tempered with a fresh mix of 50% conservative views. It means that conservative audiences and programming will be disbanded.

The “fairness doctrine” isn’t supposed to be very fair.


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