Monkey Bites – State Democratic Party Conventional Wisdom

  • The $30 a head “meet the candidates reception” served chintzy cracker hors d’ourves and $8 no-host beers. Should have gone to Outback.
  • Ed Case fell on his spear, but didn’t look too happy about it and left immediately after his announcement.
  • The diminutive Abercrombie came up to Mufi Hannemann and said, “It’s not too late to save yourself,” and then skittered away.

  • Dante Carpenter joked that delegates should avoid the use of the word “jackass” as it was deemed offensive by some democrats.
  • Abercrombie backers overrule Hannemann supporters and put Bill 444 and Same Sex Marriage on the party platform
  • There were more people at Hannemann’s Friday night party than the opening session of the convention. It also lured many away from boring committee meetings.  Hmmm, let’s see, a great free buffet or a 2 hour discussion on geo thermal?
  • The best Internet coverage was provided by Malia Zimmerman, a republican sympathizer, who streamed the event live.
  • Prior to Neil’s speech on Sunday, a bus load of supporters performed an odd geriatric conga line, then left.
  • Convention organizers, who favor Abercrombie, tried to keep re-scheduling Hannemann to speak at 11:00 am when they knew he was on a Neighbor Island.
  • An Atomic Monkey sticker was reported in the men’s room of the Coral Ballroom.
  • There were feeding frenzies at the Tapa Tower suites as the candidates hosted hospitality rooms.  Hooser served a nice shrimp curry, but I still won’t vote for him.

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