Abercrombie Website Claim’s He knows Everything about Everything

Neil Abercrombie’s official campaign website has responded to valid criticism about his lack of executve experience with a startling display of hubris. Abercrombie poo poo’s the need for “executive experience” and relies instead on his expansive personal knowledge, which the site goes on to describe as basically everything about everything.

It’s hard to argue with someone who knows everything.

While the job of governor of Hawaii is basically that of being a CEO for a multi-billion dollar operation and managing thousands of employees; Abercrombie has personally managed only a small Congressional staff of about 12 people. In fact, it can be argued, that he didn’t do it very well. One Abercrombie staffer, Laura I. Flores,  plead guilty to embezzling taxpayer’s funds while working under Neil and was actually sent to prison.

In all fairness to the candidate, this outrageous and clearly defensive claim of superior knowledge may be authored by the giant brain at Abercrombie headquarters that controls the campaign’s strategy and message development. It can no longer be considered under the exclusive control of retired Congressman Abercrombie.

Read additional background information at: “Abercrombie’s Website Makes Immodest Claims About His Superior Intellect.”


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