Abercrombie’s Communist Cat

Abercrombie named his cat in honor of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara?

The other day I was looking over Neil Abercrombie’s bio on his website, “Neil lives with his wife, Dr. Nancie Caraway, and their cat, Che… “

Neil Abercrombie named his cat “Che?” Now why the heck would he do that?  Che Guevara was a Communist revolutionary and THAT is the first name that popped into Neil’s head? An internet check of the Website “2000 Cat Names” reveals a Cheech and Chee Chee, but no Che.  In fact it suggests no communists of note at all…no Mao, Stalin, Lennin or Ho Chi Minh.

What did Neil name his dam dog…Trotsky?

Such open adulation of communism is unseemly in a U.S. Congressman. We’re not talking about fifty years ago during Neil’s wild, anti-war hippie days at the University of Hawaii.  This cat is alive now, and they only live for about 12 years, so Neil was AT LEAST 60 years old when he decided his cat should provide a daily affirmation of one of his heros…who just happened to be an avowed enemy of the United States.


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