Abercrombie Pocketed Money From Abramoff’s Indian Tribe Fraud Victims

Abercrombie's position on the House Resources Committee, with jurisdiction over Indian affairs, put him on Abramoff's contribution radar.

Jack Abramoff, a former Washington lobbyist, is currently doing time in the Federal pen for felonies associated with defrauding of American Indian tribes and corruption of public officials.

As reported in the Honolulu Advertiser (Jan. 8&9, 2006):

“Abramoff and several Indian tribes he represented had given more than $4 million in political contributions in the past several years. The lobbyist admitted to defrauding some of the tribes and is cooperating with federal authorities in a wider political corruption investigation. Over the past few months, numerous politicians have either returned Abramoff-related campaign money or donated it to charity to distance themselves from the lobbyist and avoid the appearance they are linked to the scandal.””Now it has been reported that both Sen. Daniel Inouye, a founding member of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, and Rep. Neil Abercrombie, a member of the House Resources Committee with jurisdiction over Indian affairs, have received campaign contributions from tribes associated with Abramoff.”

“Last week, U.S. Sen. Daniel K. Inouye, D-Hawai’i, said he would return $6,000 from three tribes that worked with Abramoff if tribal leaders asked for the money back. Inouye, a leader on tribal issues in the Senate, said he had been receiving campaign contributions from the tribes in the years before they were represented by Abramoff.”

“Gov. Linda Lingle’s re-election campaign has returned $4,000 in donations linked to Jack Abramoff, the Washington, D.C., lobbyist at the center of a fraud and political corruption scandal.”

“U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie, D-Hawai’i, said he would not return a $2,000 tribal contribution to his 2002 campaign…”

So, ironically the tribes are still Indian givers.


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