Hawaii’s Hundreds of Missing Votes

Neil Abercrombie resigned from Congress in February of 2010 and didn’t stick around for President Obama’s crucial showdown on Health Care Reform.   This wasn’t the only time Neil has bugged out on important votes. Even when he was supposedly an active member of Congress he couldn’t be relied on to show up for roll call. In the most recent 111th Congress, Abercrombie missed a staggering 136 votes or 12.8% of the total taken. That’s over three times as delinquent as the average of 4%.  This places Neil at number 18th worst out of the 441 members of the House of Representatives.

Abercrombie's spotty attendance left Hawaii under-represented on important votes.

See a full list of all of the 596 votes Neil ducked out on, and see which ones sound important to you. On every single occassion, Abercrombie found something more important to do than his job of representing you.


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