Barack’s Annoying Old Haole “Uncle” Neil

A couple of years ago, a Washington Post article painted a vivid picture of an out-of-touch Neil Abercrombie trying to climb onboard the Obama bandwagon. While it is true that the elderly Abercrombie was friends with Obama’s parents, there is little evidence that he had much of a meaningful relationship with “Little Barry” as he called him.

This could be an actual photo of Neil stalking the candidate Obama.

According to the Washington Post article A Frustrated Rep. Abercrombie Has Advice for Obama:

Hey, Obama Campaign, Look, Over Here!

Would the Obama campaign please hush and listen to Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii) for crying out loud? He’s desperately trying to tell you something – but you won’t listen. In fact, you won’t event take his phone calls.


“I call all the time but I never get through,” a wildly frustrated Abercrombie tells the Sleuth.


Abercrombie, an old friend of Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) parents — they went to graduate school together at the University of Hawaii — proudly claims to be the first member of Congress who endorsed Obama for president. But he says he and other Obama surrogates in the House are fed up with the campaign constantly ignoring them.

“We’re seen as people who don’t know much about politics. We only manage to get elected every other year,” he griped. “It’s not like I’m Mr. Know It All, but…”

Basically, for you Obama campaign officials who aren’t picking up the phone when the Hawaii congressman calls (ahem, David Axelrod), Abercrombie thinks you mainlanders are on the verge of corrupting Obama’s ki, his center of being. [emanations?]

Neil has been accused of “embellishing” his actual relationship with the future president.


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