Neil Wants Change…Neil Wants YOUR Change!

The days are already long gone when a threatening phone call from Congressman Abercrombie to BAE, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin or any number of other defense contractors would precipitate thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.  Now, according to Abercrombie’s latest campaign spending report he has over $140,000 in unpaid bills, poorly attended fundraisers…and even more telling, an online begging operation.

Neil has "empowered" his minions to be cyber-beggars.

Neil is trying to send his online viral begging widget into a wallet or purse near you. His campaign Web site exclaims, “Everybody is a Fundraiser!”  Sounds more fun than a whole new batch of Sea Monkies doesn’t it?  Neil’s Web site plods on, “The widget empowers Neil’s supporters with a Facebook profile, website or blog to become a fundraiser for the campaign.”  Wow, “empowered,” just like the beggar kids in Sumdog Millionaire.

However, Neil’s widget campaign is finding the cash-strapped taxpayers of Hawaii resistant to the idea of an additional  “Neil Tax.” It seems like his twenty years in Congress helped wipe out most of their money already.

Since beginning operations on April 7th (brilliantly timed to coincide with federal tax deadlines), Neil’s appropriately named “What Gives?” Widget has amassed a dismal $175 or $13.46 a day, which barely dents the portly Abercrombie’s average lunch tab.

There are now rumours that Neil’s social media minions are planning a more aggressive online fundraising strategy because of  the poor performance of the “What Gives” credit card operation  The new online Widget will guide participants through a Nigerian Scam Letter Wizard that will help them generate endless variations of the email appeal for stupid money. Isn’t it time for grandma to part with that cash in her mattress?

Abercrombie is running his campaign just like he ran his Congressional office for twenty years…over-taxing, deficit spending, allowing embezzlers to run wild, extorting earmark recipients and then,  when he runs out of money,  putting the bite on you!


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