Neil’s On A Mission From God

During a Congressional hearing on military procurement, Neil launched into a ten minute rant on the Blues Brothers.

As reported by The Dew Line:

“That all-time classic line from a congressional hearing about military acquisition comes from Representative Neil Abercrombie’s 10-minute rant last week on Sue Payton, the US Air Force’s acquisition chief.”

“I finally got my fingers on a copy of the transcript from this most bizarre hearing.”

REP. ABERCROMBIE: Ms. Payton, you are right on the edge of getting into the Blues Brothers.MS. PAYTON: Sorry sir, I don’t mean to be there. I —

REP. ABERCROMBIE: That’s when — when Jake says, Bill, but you lied to us about the band. They lied to me when I was in prison about the band. You haven’t kept the band together. He goes, I never lied to you. I bullshitted you a little bit, but I never lied to you.

MS. PAYTON: Sir, I would never give any misinformation —

REP. ABERCROMBIE: No, you are saying that the Army is doing that.

MS. PAYTON: No, sir. I believe that —

REP. ABERCROMBIE: You are trying to finesse us. You are telling me they’ve got a cost that they know about, but they are not telling us about it, and are trying to pretend their unit cost and given information to us is the same as your unit cost, and they know better.

Neil sure knows a lot more about movie trivia than he does military procurement. For a complete reading of the congressional records go to:

“Ms. Payton, you are right on the edge of getting into the Blues Brothers”


3 responses

  1. It’s been pointed out by a regular reader of AM that Abercrombie apparently doesn’t know much about movie trivia either. Not only does he slaughter the quote, but he’s talking to Elwood, not “Bill.” There is no “Bill” in the movie.

  2. He took the liberty of bullshitting us a little.

    Elwood: “Abercrombie blew a rod.”
    Jake: “Is that bad?”
    Elwood: “Yep”

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