Neil Pulls Up Stakes in Washington, DC

Neil Abercrombie slept here.

Politico reports that Neil Abercrombie has placed his cozy one-bedroom condo on the market.  His realtor is obviously targeting Neil’s fellow Congressmen and their staffers for a potential quick sale.  Speaking of the speed with which Neil departed, the unit is being sold “furnished,” and judging from the brochure, Abercrombie even left all the lights on.

According to

“Can’t afford to own a piece of history? You can always buy the condo once owned by the possible future governor of Hawaii. For just $299,000.

Neil Abercrombie — the Hawaii congressman who left the House in February, after 16 years, to run for governor — has put his condo up for sale, according to the 535 flyers that hit the Hill offices Wednesday.

“One for each office,” Abercrombie’s realtor dutifully explained.

The flyers — featuring pictures of the E Street condo — come with a greeting from the Aloha man himself: “I wanted to let you and your staff know that my condo is for sale. I have lived here for 16 happy years. Just steps to the Capitol, it’s an incredibly convenient location and is being sold fully furnished.”

“It’s an awesome place. It is going for a great price,” realtor Ron Sitrin told POLITICO.

How did the Hill react? Cynically, of course. “With all that clutter, would probably be worth more unfurnished,” said one staffer.”

We see a killer parody begging to come out of all this…so here you go! Neil’s “16 happy years” crash pad.


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